How does it work?

Renting at Blocks in a Box is super easy. Follow the steps outlined below and you’ll be building your favourite set in no time. Something’s not clear? Contact us!

Step 1: Choose your favourite set

Browse our website to find some amazing Lego sets for rent. Simply choose how many weeks you wish to rent and check availability in the calendar. For most sets, a minimum of three weeks is adviced in order to finish without having to rush. Take into account that the deconstruction also takes quite some time. You can rent our sets for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks, but if you would like to hire them for longer, please contact us to check availability.  

Next, add it to your cart and advance to the checkout where you can safely pay online. You’re picking up the set yourself? In that case, you can pay in cash or smartphone during the pickup.  During the reservation, we ask you for some personal information,  this will not be shared with third parties and will not be kept longer than necessary.

Can’t find the one you’re dreaming of? Let us know, we’d be happy to add it to our collection.

Step 2: Receive your set

If you choose delivery, we’ll send the set right up to your doorstep. It should arrive on the first day of your rental period, but sometimes we send it a bit earlier, so you can enjoy it a bit longer without any charge.

If you choose pickup, you will come and get the set yourself in Ghent. That saves some money on delivery and you get to meet us in person. We’ll get in touch through whatsapp or mail to choose the moment for pickup. We are located at Rozemarijnstraat in Ghent.

Step 3: Enjoy building

The sets are always neatly sorted in bags and come in a solid box. The building instructions are included, please take good care of them. You can also find the building instructions on the Lego website, using the link on the product page.

It rarely happens, but if one or more essential bricks are missing, please contact us on whatsapp or e-mail so we can send you the missing piece as soon as possible. Be sure to include the brick number, you can find them on the last page of the manual. If you can continue building without the brick, please indicate on the paper included which bricks are missing, so I can add them for the next tenant. 


Step 4: Dismantle the set

Out of respect for the next tenants we ask you to:
–  Dismantle all the bricks
–  Sort them by colour and size
–  Stickers don’t have to be removed
–  Minifigures don’t have to be dismantled

Always use the brick separator to dismantle the sets, this prevents damage and also keeps everything hygienic. When disassembling the sets, take all blocks apart and sort them by colour or type – just as you received them.

We know that sometimes a few blocks can get lost, so don’t worry if a few are missing. If however too many blocks or specifically expensive blocks are missing, we will contact you to ask for a financial compensation.


Step 5: Return the set

If you choose delivery, a return label will be included in the box. Just put it on top of the previous label and secure the box with the plastic strap(s) included. Return the box to a shipping office on the last day of the rental period.

If you choose pickup, we’ll contact you to determine a date and time for you to return the set to Ghent. 

Not finished? Contact us to verify if we can extend the rental period.

Step 6: Review, like and follow

If your are happy about our products and service, feel free to 
–  leave review on the webiste
–  follow us on social media
–  share a picture of your experience

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